John Jenkins Award

Through the efforts of John Jenkins, the Marriott Business Council was the first sponsor of the Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program when the Internship Program was just getting started in 1993 and desperate for support. Like many of the angels that have made the Internship Program what it is today, John seemed to appear out of nowhere but his arrival on the scene is still felt some twenty three summers later.

John Jenkins and Marriott provided early support to the Intership Program beyond the wildest dreams of all involved. In addition to hosting the Intern Program’s Kick-Off Breakfast and Farewell Dinner for many years, Marriott also provided professional attire for the students, including navy blazers, white shirts, grey pants/skirts, and ties/ scarves.

While the financial and other tangible support John Jenkins and Marriott provided to the Summer Law Internship Program were critical, John Jenkins gave so much more.  In the early years, when the Intership Program was trying to find its footing, John Jenkins challenged everyone involved to hold the Interns to the highest possible standards. “Expect more!” “Require more!” “Challenge more!” “Do more!” Simply put, John wanted the Interns to have a rigorous but enjoyable experience.
John Jenkins was an elegant and kind man, who had the respect of everyone he encountered. We would not have the Summer Law Internship Program we have today if it were not for John Jenkins. John Jenkins passed away on March 16, 2014, at the age of 85. We miss him very much but will never forget him.  Beginning in 2001, to honor John Jenkins and all he meant to the Summer Law
Internship Program, we started the John Jenkins Award for Excellence in the Summer Law Internship Program.   

John Jenkins Award Recipients since 2009 are as follows:

2009    Ernest Brown (Southwest DeKalb, Emory University)
            Gabrielle Espy (Druid Hills, Washington and Lee University)

2010    David Manadom (Southwest DeKalb, Emory University)
            Fatmata Barrie (Carver Early College, University of Georgia)

2011    Terrel Davis, (Greater Atlanta Adventist, Oakwood University)
            Christi Moore (North Atlanta, Davidson College)

2012    Andrew Boyer (Harvester Christian, University of Georgia)
            Rachel Manciagli (St. Pius X, Georgia State University)

2013    Doneshia Barnes (D.M. Therrell, Alabama State University)
            Kendria Gouch (D.M. Therrell, Howard University)

2014    Grace Gebresilassie (Arabia Mountain, University of Southern California)
            Harsha Sridhar (Northview, Georgia Tech)

2015    Charles Ellis (South Atlanta, Duke University)
            Nigel Smith (Paideia, Skidmore College)
           Courtney Taylor (Stockbridge, University of Georgia)

2016   Patrick Mgbemena   (Riverdale /University of Georgia)
           Rebecca Moss (Mill Creek/Georgia State University)

2017   Jyot Batra (Gwinnett School of Mathematics/Yale University)
           E'Mari Coggins (Northgate/Georgia State University)
           Julia Powell (Liberty IPS/Hillsdale College (MI))

2018   Kyle Neary (Marist/Columbia University)
           Sanjay Sridhar (Northview/University of Georgia) 
           Sophie Houenou (Grayson)